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Hey Harley Folks…

Great Bike Gear has finally released the license plate/turn signal relocation kits for the 2018 HD softails…this includes the 2018 HD Slim…the 2018 HD Street Bob…the 2018 HD Fat Bob…

the 2018 Fat Boy…and the 2018 HD Breakout…

2018 Breakout

There are a lot of relocation kits out there but only one relocates the license plate and the turn signals in one neat package…and Great Bike Gear has made the installation clean and simple with plug and go 8″ turn signal extenders…an led license plate frame and replacement standoff for the license plate side…all this for only $299.95…

And unlike other kits…Great Bike Gear makes there kit in the USA…and proud of it…



You all ride safe…


Olde Biker…

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Hey Bikers…

So you think you would like to ride a motorcycle and be a biker. But you are a millennial and you don’t know anything about bikes.


Being a biker has less to do about the motorcycle and more to do with the experience!!! Being a biker is about what’s in your heart and soul. It’s about the hunger you feel on Saturday morning when your getting ready to go on a ride with your motorcycle friends. It’s about getting on the road and feeling the freedom of being a biker…

But wait. You’re probably asking yourself how do I get there. I don’t know anything about being a biker??? Well Olde Biker has some crazy ideas…how about I make myself available to share my 55 years of experience. And how about we don’t try to make you a copy of what’s been done, but you become MILLENNIAL BIKERS…

You are unique and while there are certain things you will want to do as Bikers, because you will not be brand specific, you will be free to create your own identity as MILLENNIAL BIKERS…Honda, Harley, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki…they all make bikes that are affordable and fun to ride…

So let me know what you think…are you ready for the experience of being a biker?? Or maybe the question is, is the biker world ready for the MILLENNIAL BIKERS…


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Hey Guys…

Well if that don’t take the cake…I have been hearing a lot about Viking Bags…so I decided to check out the forums and guess what…not only are a bunch of people very unhappy with their products and service, but then I learn that they are made in Pakistan!!!  Not the good old USA!!! Well for you Trumpsters out there I guess you know how I feel about that…

Would you believe I have seen utube videos where the customer has literally thrown the bag of nuts and bolts provided in their kit away…never happen with Easy Brackets…the Easy Bracket hardware is specifically designed for your bike and not a bag of nuts and bolts you have to try to figure out…no wonder when you call Viking Bags they can’t help you…at least that is what I read in the reviews…as a matter of fact I will post a link to a thread on the forum so you can read for yourself…


So you want to buy made in the in the USA for a great price and get quality bags…here are two videos you need to watch…Leatherworks bags are made in the USA and they are so good they will most likely outlive your bike…NO KIDDING!!!!  and they are available at http://www.greatbikegear.com and are very reasonably priced with free shipping in the USA…

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Hey Bikers…

Finally you have an alternative…if you ride a softail, a dyna or a sportster with a fender mounted license plate and you want to use the smaller bullet LED turn signals, now you can…Great Bike Gear has developed a laid down license plate frame using the smaller single post LED bullet turn signals…it comes in gloss black or chrome and is really clean looking…I am really impressed!!!

Here is the really cool thing for those of you who have already changed over to the single post bullet turn signals…GBG offers the laid down turn signal/license plate frame that will let you use the single post turn signals you already have…how cool is that???  They have a clear lens but light up amber…They can not be used as tail lights, they are single function…some models will require a load equalizer also available at GBG…

A laid down license plate frame that lets you relocate your turn signals off the fender rail and convert to the really sleek looking single post LED bullet turn signals…Awesome!!!!

TSHDLD-01C  Chrome    TSHDLD-01B  Gloss Black

Check this new kit and many other products including Easy Brackets and Hand Shields at http://www.greatbikegear.com

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Hey Victory Riders

Victory just keeps adding more and more great rides.  This keeps us busy developing Easy Bracket kits.  We have just released Easy Brackets for the Boardwalk and now we are releasing kits for the 2014 Judge.  We have released a kit for the Judge without a passenger backrest, JUDG-R1, and a kit for the Judge with an OEM detachable backrest, JUDG-R1DB.  Check them out at our website http://www.greatbikegear.com.

2014 Victory Judge

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Hey Bikers

We need some help.  We are in the process of developing Easy Bracket kits to work with the Mustang Covered Hard Trunk.  We have been getting numerous requests so it is time to get er done.  If you have the Mustang Covered Hard Trunk and want to use the Easy Bracket quick detach system for your saddlebags we want to hear from you.

The kit will normally sell for $159.95 but we will give a $50.00 discount if you will work with us to develop a kit for your cruiser.

Contact Bob or Jon at 866-521-3024

Ride safe….

Covered Hard Trunk Plain

Mustang Covered Hard Trunk

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Hey Sportster Riders

So you have an Iron 883,  Nightster, 48 or 72 and you want to mount some saddlebags.  Now you can  move the license plate and turn signals to the rear fender with the new Turn  Signal/License Plate Relocation Kit, SPTMS-01, from Great Bike Gear. The mounting  frame is made of 12 gauge steel and powder coated with a gloss black finish.  The kit comes with all the necessary mounting hardware including a black  license plate frame with black powder coated button head bolts. The kit even  includes a black blank to fill the space in the fender rail cover where the  turn signals were located. The kit uses the existing turn signals and license  plate light.

Ride safe…..

“Olde Biker”

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Quick Detach Saddlebag System

Quick Detach Saddlebag System

Hello Biker World

I am frequently asked what makes Easy Brackets better than the competition? As the inventor and designer I can answer that question in many different ways but I have learned through the years that bikers are looking for three things. Do they work, will they look good on my bike and what will they cost me?

First, do they work? The fact is here at Great Bike Gear we have gone the extra mile to make sure they not only work, but they will work on your specific bike regardless of the accessories. We design every Easy Brackets kit to be what we refer to as “Bike Specific”. By this we mean you will be able to mount the kit on your motorcycle without the need for any adapter kits or trial and error spacers. For most models you will remove the existing fender bolts and replace them with the preengineered docking hardware provided in the kit at no additional charge. Unlike some systems, we do not believe an adjustable bracket with the purchase of adapter kits at an additional cost is biker friendly.

We have also designed the docking post with a stop collar to make installation of the bracket easy and quick. Our docking post is specifically designed with the stop collar to allow you to simply place the docking posts into the keyholes with slight pressure against the stop collar and drop the bracket into place. No need to align the bracket with the slot in the docking post. Another detail designed to make the system biker friendly.

Will they look good on my bike? At Great Bike Gear we believe in the old saying, “Simpler is better”. Since we make every bracket system “Bike Specific” we are able to keep the bracket simple and uncluttered eliminating the need for numerous parts and bolts. We are also able to form the bracket in a way to provide additional strength by closing the ends. This also serves to make the interior of the bracket less accessable to dirt and moisture. Simple, great looking and strong. A winning combination for the biker.

What do they cost. Again “Simpler is better”. At Great Bike Gear we provide the same great Easy Bracket System for Harleys, American and Metric cruisers for the same price of $159.95. No additional charges for adapter kits. No need to pay additional costs and have to coordinate the bracket with the proper adapter kit. We have done all the work for you. Simply choose the correct model for your bike and you are done.

I hope I have been helpful and answered your questions regarding what makes Easy Brackets better than the competition. If we can be of further assistance please contact us on our website, www.greatbikegear.com, or call us toll free at 866-521-3024. Customer service is our number one priority.

“Olde Biker”

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