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Hey Bikers…

Finally you have an alternative…if you ride a softail, a dyna or a sportster with a fender mounted license plate and you want to use the smaller bullet LED turn signals, now you can…Great Bike Gear has developed a laid down license plate frame using the smaller single post LED bullet turn signals…it comes in gloss black or chrome and is really clean looking…I am really impressed!!!

Here is the really cool thing for those of you who have already changed over to the single post bullet turn signals…GBG offers the laid down turn signal/license plate frame that will let you use the single post turn signals you already have…how cool is that???  They have a clear lens but light up amber…They can not be used as tail lights, they are single function…some models will require a load equalizer also available at GBG…

A laid down license plate frame that lets you relocate your turn signals off the fender rail and convert to the really sleek looking single post LED bullet turn signals…Awesome!!!!

TSHDLD-01C  Chrome    TSHDLD-01B  Gloss Black

Check this new kit and many other products including Easy Brackets and Hand Shields at http://www.greatbikegear.com

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Removable Saddlebags for ALL Cruisers


Removable Saddlebag System


Hello Biker World

Well riding season is here, or pretty close. Have ya got that cruiser ready with removable saddlebags.

At Great Bike Gear we have developed a quick detach motorcycle saddlebag system for just about every make and model cruiser out there. Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Victory Polaris, Indian, Triumph and even Excelsior Henderson. We have engineered a kit for hard mount backrests and detachable backrests for many, many models. And unlike our competition, we have made our kits bike specific and accessory specific. We aim to be biker friendly and make installation as easy as possible.

We have also made rear turn signal relocation kits for softails, dynas and sportsters that need to have the signals moved to make it possible to have quick detach saddlebags. Our kit relocates the rear turn signals and provides a laid down license plate in one AWESOME kit. You reuse the stock turn signals and don’t have to cut any wires.

Visit our site at www.greatbikegear.net and see all the other great products we have to offer.

Olde Biker

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Laid Down License Plate / Rear Turn Signal Relocation Kit

Laid Down License Plate / Rear Turn Signal Relocation Kit

Hello Biker World,

So you want to have a cool looking laid down license plate and relocate your turn signals so you can install those great detachable saddlebag brackets, Easy Brackets. Or maybe you just want to get those turn signals off the fender strut. Now you can do both with one easy kit. One bracket that gives you a laid down license plate and relocates the rear turn signals. The kit uses the stock rear turn signals so you won’t lose the wing standoff. Easy to install, and on most late model bikes you don’t even have to cut the turn signal wires to relocate them. Installation usually takes less than one hour. This attractive chrome or black bracket fits Softails, Dynas and Sportsters.

But Great Bike Gear is not ready to stop there. The rear turn signal relocation kit for Softails, Dynas and Sportsters has been such a success they have decided to offer another model. The new model is a variation of the standard, brilliantly chromed original featuring beatifull hand engraving. The decorative engraving is artfully hand done, guaranteeing each frame is distinctively unique.

Now you can have the rear turn signal/laid down license plate kit in black, brilliant chrome or hand engraved chrome.

Check them out at www.greatbikegear.net.

“Olde Biker”

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Harley Turn Signal Relocation Kit

Turn Signal Relocation Kit for Sportster, Softail and Dyna

AWESOME!!! Laid Down License Plate/Turn Signal Relocation Kit


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Turn Signal Relocation Kit

click here

Stock Harley licence plate??  WAY NOT COOL!!!  So what do we do???  Plain Jane laid down license plate??  Been there Done that.

Great Bike Gear has a better idea. Awesome chrome laid down license plate, rear turn signal relocation all in one. Made specially for mounting those great EASY BRACKETS, but it looks so good a lot of riders do it just onaccount of.

Easy to mount and you reuse the stock turn signals. Keep those great chrome, wing standoffs and no cutting of wires is required.  Ya gotta have em and the price is right.  Check em out.

“Olde Biker”

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