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“Olde Biker”

A little about “Olde Biker”.  As the name implies I have been riding for many years. I currently ride a 2010 FLHXXX Trike.  I have been riding for over 55 years and hope to be in the saddle for many more. Due to health issues I can longer ride two wheels, but I refuse to not be in the wind.  My wife, Dingbat, road a Road Glide/Lehman Trike for 11 years but she has moved up to a 2010 Tri Glide Ultra Classic so now we are the triking couple.

I no longer ride with Soldiers for Jesus, MC.  It was time to lay the colors down and spend more time with the family, especially the grandkids. We have five now with only one grandaughter.  Since we never had any girls she is Poopa’s pride and joy.

I will be riding with the local HOG chapter this year when the weather clears. Just gettin too old to ride in the cold anymore.  Gettin olde aint for sissys ya know.

I will be posting a lot about the accessories for motorcycles we offer at Great Bike Gear.  This is our ecommerce website where we offer our great saddlebag detachable system, EASY BRACKETS. We also have Turn Signal Relocation Kits, Hand Shields for Harleys, Metrics, Victorys, Triumphs and Indians, motorcycle saddlebags and other great products. Be sure to visit us at www.greatbikegear.com..

Enough for now.  Hope you enjoy the Blog and maybe someday we will see ya on the road.  Keep the shiny side up.


“Olde Biker”

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