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Hey Bikers…

So you think you would like to ride a motorcycle and be a biker. But you are a millennial and you don’t know anything about bikes.


Being a biker has less to do about the motorcycle and more to do with the experience!!! Being a biker is about what’s in your heart and soul. It’s about the hunger you feel on Saturday morning when your getting ready to go on a ride with your motorcycle friends. It’s about getting on the road and feeling the freedom of being a biker…

But wait. You’re probably asking yourself how do I get there. I don’t know anything about being a biker??? Well Olde Biker has some crazy ideas…how about I make myself available to share my 55 years of experience. And how about we don’t try to make you a copy of what’s been done, but you become MILLENNIAL BIKERS…

You are unique and while there are certain things you will want to do as Bikers, because you will not be brand specific, you will be free to create your own identity as MILLENNIAL BIKERS…Honda, Harley, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki…they all make bikes that are affordable and fun to ride…

So let me know what you think…are you ready for the experience of being a biker?? Or maybe the question is, is the biker world ready for the MILLENNIAL BIKERS…


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Hey Bikers…

Finally you have an alternative…if you ride a softail, a dyna or a sportster with a fender mounted license plate and you want to use the smaller bullet LED turn signals, now you can…Great Bike Gear has developed a laid down license plate frame using the smaller single post LED bullet turn signals…it comes in gloss black or chrome and is really clean looking…I am really impressed!!!

Here is the really cool thing for those of you who have already changed over to the single post bullet turn signals…GBG offers the laid down turn signal/license plate frame that will let you use the single post turn signals you already have…how cool is that???  They have a clear lens but light up amber…They can not be used as tail lights, they are single function…some models will require a load equalizer also available at GBG…

A laid down license plate frame that lets you relocate your turn signals off the fender rail and convert to the really sleek looking single post LED bullet turn signals…Awesome!!!!

TSHDLD-01C  Chrome    TSHDLD-01B  Gloss Black

Check this new kit and many other products including Easy Brackets and Hand Shields at http://www.greatbikegear.com

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Hey Bikers,

It’s the Olde Biker here…been gone a while but the weather is changing and it’s time to think about riding again…if you haven’t heard Great Bike Gear has some new Hand Shields they are introducing…but they need your help…

Great Bike Gear (GBG) can’t seem to agree on what to call the new models so they have decided to have a contest…submit your suggestion for the name and win a set of Hand Shields…that’s right GBG is going to give two sets of Hand Shields to the lucky winners…

So jump on over and enter the contest…http://www.greatbikegear.com/index.php/news/hscontest/

You could be one of the lucky winners…and it doesn’t cost anything to enter…so what are you waiting for??

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HD Street 750

Hi guys and gals…

Well it’s the olde biker here with an announcement for all  you who bought or are thinking of buying the new Harley Davidson 750 or 500 Street…Great Bike Gear is out in front as usual with the Easy Bracket quick detach saddlebag mounting system for this new bike….you can get a model for your bike without a backrest, STRT-R1, or if you have the detachable backrest, STRT-R1DB….

And just on account of I can, go to http://www.greatbikegear.com and use Promo Code BZ10 and get 10% off your purchase on the Olde Biker…this Promo Code will also work for Easy Brackets, Turn Signal Relocation Kits, Hand Shields and Saddlebags….

Happy Holidays and Ride Safe…



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2013 & Newer Street Bob License Plate/Turn Signal Relocation Kit

2013 & Newer Street Bob
License Plate/Turn Signal Relocation Kit

2013 & Newer Street Bob License Plate/Turn Signal Relocation Kit

2013 & Newer Street Bob
License Plate/Turn Signal Relocation Kit


Hi there all you Street Bob riders.

The kit is ready to ship.  Relocation kit STBMS-01. Price: $174.95. We do not have the kit on the website, but if you email me at bob@greatbikegear.com I will direct you to a secure order form.

Now you have that awesome Dyna Street Bob and you want to put saddlebags on it. Oops!! Gotta move the license plate and turn signals. Well you all bugged me to death and the relocation kit is finally done. It is awesome!!..Check out the pics. It really came out better than I had hoped.

We are just waiting for the powder coat to be done. We will be putting it on our new site http://www.greatbikegear.com when it launches around the middle of April, 2014. We will also be notifying all the riders who emailed me trying to make the relocation kit for the 2010 and newer Dyna Wide Glide work.

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Hand Shield for Harleys

Hey Harley World


So your like me and ride year round.  The cold and wet can sometimes get to ya.  Well Great Bike Gear has a procuct that can help keep your hands dry and reduce the wind chill factor.  HAND SHIELDS are made specifically for harleys.  All models.  They are easy to install and really work.  They are made of steel and come powder coated black or chrome for many models.  Check them out at www.greatbikegear.com today.  Oh yea and they have one cent shipping.  What a deal.

HAND SHIELDS are affordably priced at $79.95 for black and $149.95 for chrome.

Be safe and keep the shiny side up

Olde Biker

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Hello Harley Riders

Are you looking for a way to relocate your rear turn signals off the fender??  And maybe you want to get rid of that ugly stock license plate frame. Now you can do both with an AWESOME  Turn Signal Relocation/Laid Down License Plate Kit from Great Bike Gear.  They have a turn signal relocation kit for all years of Fatboys, Dynas and Sportsters that is frankly the coolest!!!

The frame is brilliant chrome or gloss black and uses the OEM turn signals so you won’t need to lose the cool wing standoff.  And are you ready for this?? You do not have to cut or extend the turn signal wires.  The installation is simple and they have a video you can view to guide you through the process.  And the price??  As low as $89.95 and they have one cent shipping anywhere in the US.

It just doesn’t get any better so check it out today at www.greatbikegear.com.

“Olde Biker”   

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Hello Yamaha Raider Riders


So I know you are all frustrated you can not have detachable saddlebags with your OEM Detachable Backrest.  The manufactures of Easy Brackets are just as frustrated. But at last an option. Easy Brackets has recently developed a kit that works with the Jardine Detachable Backrest for the Raider.  The new model is the YMA-R5JDB and can be found at www.greatbikegear.net.

They also have developed Easy Bracket kits that work with the Cobra Backrest and the Custom World International Backrest.

Easy Brackets are the choice for Easy On, Easy Off Saddlebags.

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Hello Biker World

Well it has been a while since I posted on the blog.  Been going through some health problems, but I have something I absolutely need to share. 

At Great Bike Gear we have been asked on numerous occasions why we don’t have a line of saddlebags to offer with our EASY BRACKETS.  Well I am pleased to announce our new line of saddlebags, EASY SADDLEBAGS.  We are offering Premium Leather EASY SADDLEBAGS and Premium Quality Vinyl EASY SADDLEBAGS.  EASY SADDLEBAGS are available starting at $114.95

Visit our site at www.greatbikegear.net to get all the details and take advantage of our one cent shipping for the Premium Quality Vinyl EASY SADDLEBAGS as well as our other great products.

“Olde Biker”

Premum Vinyl Easy Saddlebag

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Removable Motorcycle Saddlebags for Suzuki

Removable Motorcycle Saddlebags for Suzuki Boulevard

Hello Biker World

This post is for all you guys and gals out there on Suzuki Boulevard cruisers. When we got started at Great Bike Gear in 2002 we recognized that the metric bikes were going to have their rightful place in the motorcycle world. We have not been disappointed in the great bikes Suzuki has built over the years.

That is why we have made a removable saddlebag system for all the Suzuki Boulevard cruisers. For the all the Boulevard models, C50, M50, C90 and C109 we have made removable saddlebag kits, model and accessory specific.   Great motorcycles, and we have kits designed specifically for each model and accessory.

Visit our site at www.greatbikegear and find the detachable system specifically engineered for your Suzuki Boulevard.

“Olde Biker”

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