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Hi everyone…

Seems hard to believe but I will be 70 this month…people who knew me in my youth wouldn’t have given me much hope of seeing 30…oh well I guess God does have a sense of humor after all…

And here we are at the 4th of July…it seems to mean more to me this year than ever before…I see our nation is on the right path again and like so many other despicables there is a renewed sense of optimism…we see every day how the swamp is resisting the return to good old American values…I am particularly concerned that many in the republican party are taking money from the likes of George Soros just to pad their war chest for reelection…anything to stay in power…yuck!!!!  It must be sad to be that owned by the rich elite…

So I will continue to love my country…to be faithful to our values…and to resist the efforts of those who would choose to abandon the constitution for the sake of greed and power…

I heard something very instructional just the other day…it has long bothered me that there are those who will not engage in honest debate…why???  So here it is…if you are so committed to the fact you are absolutely right and there is no alternative you would consider then the possibility of critical thinking is impossible…sad!!!

Keep on keeping on and let’s make this country great again!!!!  God bless…

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