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HD Street 750

Hi guys and gals…

Well it’s the olde biker here with an announcement for all  you who bought or are thinking of buying the new Harley Davidson 750 or 500 Street…Great Bike Gear is out in front as usual with the Easy Bracket quick detach saddlebag mounting system for this new bike….you can get a model for your bike without a backrest, STRT-R1, or if you have the detachable backrest, STRT-R1DB….

And just on account of I can, go to http://www.greatbikegear.com and use Promo Code BZ10 and get 10% off your purchase on the Olde Biker…this Promo Code will also work for Easy Brackets, Turn Signal Relocation Kits, Hand Shields and Saddlebags….

Happy Holidays and Ride Safe…



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Removable Saddlebags for ALL Cruisers


Removable Saddlebag System


Hello Biker World

Well riding season is here, or pretty close. Have ya got that cruiser ready with removable saddlebags.

At Great Bike Gear we have developed a quick detach motorcycle saddlebag system for just about every make and model cruiser out there. Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Victory Polaris, Indian, Triumph and even Excelsior Henderson. We have engineered a kit for hard mount backrests and detachable backrests for many, many models. And unlike our competition, we have made our kits bike specific and accessory specific. We aim to be biker friendly and make installation as easy as possible.

We have also made rear turn signal relocation kits for softails, dynas and sportsters that need to have the signals moved to make it possible to have quick detach saddlebags. Our kit relocates the rear turn signals and provides a laid down license plate in one AWESOME kit. You reuse the stock turn signals and don’t have to cut any wires.

Visit our site at www.greatbikegear.net and see all the other great products we have to offer.

Olde Biker

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Quick Detach Saddlebag System

Quick Detach Saddlebag System

Hello Biker World

I am frequently asked what makes Easy Brackets better than the competition? As the inventor and designer I can answer that question in many different ways but I have learned through the years that bikers are looking for three things. Do they work, will they look good on my bike and what will they cost me?

First, do they work? The fact is here at Great Bike Gear we have gone the extra mile to make sure they not only work, but they will work on your specific bike regardless of the accessories. We design every Easy Brackets kit to be what we refer to as “Bike Specific”. By this we mean you will be able to mount the kit on your motorcycle without the need for any adapter kits or trial and error spacers. For most models you will remove the existing fender bolts and replace them with the preengineered docking hardware provided in the kit at no additional charge. Unlike some systems, we do not believe an adjustable bracket with the purchase of adapter kits at an additional cost is biker friendly.

We have also designed the docking post with a stop collar to make installation of the bracket easy and quick. Our docking post is specifically designed with the stop collar to allow you to simply place the docking posts into the keyholes with slight pressure against the stop collar and drop the bracket into place. No need to align the bracket with the slot in the docking post. Another detail designed to make the system biker friendly.

Will they look good on my bike? At Great Bike Gear we believe in the old saying, “Simpler is better”. Since we make every bracket system “Bike Specific” we are able to keep the bracket simple and uncluttered eliminating the need for numerous parts and bolts. We are also able to form the bracket in a way to provide additional strength by closing the ends. This also serves to make the interior of the bracket less accessable to dirt and moisture. Simple, great looking and strong. A winning combination for the biker.

What do they cost. Again “Simpler is better”. At Great Bike Gear we provide the same great Easy Bracket System for Harleys, American and Metric cruisers for the same price of $159.95. No additional charges for adapter kits. No need to pay additional costs and have to coordinate the bracket with the proper adapter kit. We have done all the work for you. Simply choose the correct model for your bike and you are done.

I hope I have been helpful and answered your questions regarding what makes Easy Brackets better than the competition. If we can be of further assistance please contact us on our website, www.greatbikegear.com, or call us toll free at 866-521-3024. Customer service is our number one priority.

“Olde Biker”

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Hello Biker World

So are we tired of winter yet?? Are you ready for spring??

You still have time to get ready to ride with detachable saddlebags from Great Bike Gear. Everything you need to pack the gear you need. Day rides or weekenders. When you need to carry extra gear or have a place to put stuff as the weather changes.

Motorcycle Saddlebags. Detachable hardware. Rear turn signal relocation kits for Softails, Dynas and Sportsters. Everything you will need to go from saddlebags to lean and mean in seconds.

Be sure to get the original “Easy Brackets” Engineered for your cruiser. No adapter kits to buy. Easy to install and Easy to remove. Great Bike Gear has done all the engineering to insure a great fit on your cruiser. We fit Harleys, American made and metric cruisers. Check out Easy Brackets and other great products at www.greatbikegear.net.

“Olde Biker”

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Easy Brackets Installation Video

Easy On Easy Off Detachable Saddlebag System


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