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Viking Bags

Hi all you bikers

Well I am about to do something I never thought I would do. As you all know I am an advocate of all things from Great Bike Gear. But today I am going to do something totally out of character for me. I am going to recommend you all consider purchasing Viking Saddlebags.

So why am I going there. Well the truth is Easy Brackets will work on just about all saddlebags. They will work on our saddlebags of course.  And I will always encourage you to buy our saddlebags.  But they will also work on Chillhowee saddlebags.  They will work on Fox Creek Leather saddlebags and they will work on Viking saddlebags. And Viking seems to be the saddlebags of choice right now.

Viking offers a wide variety of saddlebags.  They also have hard bags which is becoming more and more popular. The bottom line is Easy Brackets are the best saddlebag mounting system available.  And Viking has the saddlebags that you all want.

Now that I have endorsed Viking saddlebags I think it only fair to give you some of the things you need to be aware of with Viking.  I have been on the forums and I have had personal experience with some of Viking’s customers. Viking’s customer service is terrible.  Their mounting systems are extremely poor quality and their return policy is non existent.  In other words buyer beware. The bottom line is you get what you pay for.  If you are satisfied with saddlebags that will last a couple of years and you are willing to put up with poor customer service and impossible return policies then I say go for it. But be assured you will always get the best customer service and quality products, made in the USA, when you purchase Easy Brackets.

Easy Brackets and Viking saddlebags.

Ride safe

Olde Biker

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Leather Saddlebag Locks

I have been waiting for years for this. An awesome looking lock for leather saddlebags that can be retrofitted on the bags simply and easily.
I have no idea how many requests I have had for this and now here it is.



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You never have enough gloves.
Fingerless, gauntlet and in between. West Coast Leather has a cool 😎 lineup of leather gloves. And they are priced to sell. Under $30.
at greatbikegear.com

WCL 1004 (1)

Ride safe
Olde Biker


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Hi Gang

This post is aimed at you rebels who know you have to wear a helmet but your not ready to go full face.
West Coast Leather has DOT approved beanies as low as $99.95.
That’s right and they have great features including quick realease buckles.
So get on over to greatbikegear.com and check them out.
Ride safe
Olde Biker 

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Hey Harley Folks…

Great Bike Gear has finally released the license plate/turn signal relocation kits for the 2018 HD softails…this includes the 2018 HD Slim…the 2018 HD Street Bob…the 2018 HD Fat Bob…

the 2018 Fat Boy…and the 2018 HD Breakout…

2018 Breakout

There are a lot of relocation kits out there but only one relocates the license plate and the turn signals in one neat package…and Great Bike Gear has made the installation clean and simple with plug and go 8″ turn signal extenders…an led license plate frame and replacement standoff for the license plate side…all this for only $299.95…

And unlike other kits…Great Bike Gear makes there kit in the USA…and proud of it…



You all ride safe…


Olde Biker…

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Hey Bikers…

So you think you would like to ride a motorcycle and be a biker. But you are a millennial and you don’t know anything about bikes.


Being a biker has less to do about the motorcycle and more to do with the experience!!! Being a biker is about what’s in your heart and soul. It’s about the hunger you feel on Saturday morning when your getting ready to go on a ride with your motorcycle friends. It’s about getting on the road and feeling the freedom of being a biker…

But wait. You’re probably asking yourself how do I get there. I don’t know anything about being a biker??? Well Olde Biker has some crazy ideas…how about I make myself available to share my 55 years of experience. And how about we don’t try to make you a copy of what’s been done, but you become MILLENNIAL BIKERS…

You are unique and while there are certain things you will want to do as Bikers, because you will not be brand specific, you will be free to create your own identity as MILLENNIAL BIKERS…Honda, Harley, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki…they all make bikes that are affordable and fun to ride…

So let me know what you think…are you ready for the experience of being a biker?? Or maybe the question is, is the biker world ready for the MILLENNIAL BIKERS…


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Hi everyone…

Seems hard to believe but I will be 70 this month…people who knew me in my youth wouldn’t have given me much hope of seeing 30…oh well I guess God does have a sense of humor after all…

And here we are at the 4th of July…it seems to mean more to me this year than ever before…I see our nation is on the right path again and like so many other despicables there is a renewed sense of optimism…we see every day how the swamp is resisting the return to good old American values…I am particularly concerned that many in the republican party are taking money from the likes of George Soros just to pad their war chest for reelection…anything to stay in power…yuck!!!!  It must be sad to be that owned by the rich elite…

So I will continue to love my country…to be faithful to our values…and to resist the efforts of those who would choose to abandon the constitution for the sake of greed and power…

I heard something very instructional just the other day…it has long bothered me that there are those who will not engage in honest debate…why???  So here it is…if you are so committed to the fact you are absolutely right and there is no alternative you would consider then the possibility of critical thinking is impossible…sad!!!

Keep on keeping on and let’s make this country great again!!!!  God bless…

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Hey Guys…

Well if that don’t take the cake…I have been hearing a lot about Viking Bags…so I decided to check out the forums and guess what…not only are a bunch of people very unhappy with their products and service, but then I learn that they are made in Pakistan!!!  Not the good old USA!!! Well for you Trumpsters out there I guess you know how I feel about that…

Would you believe I have seen utube videos where the customer has literally thrown the bag of nuts and bolts provided in their kit away…never happen with Easy Brackets…the Easy Bracket hardware is specifically designed for your bike and not a bag of nuts and bolts you have to try to figure out…no wonder when you call Viking Bags they can’t help you…at least that is what I read in the reviews…as a matter of fact I will post a link to a thread on the forum so you can read for yourself…


So you want to buy made in the in the USA for a great price and get quality bags…here are two videos you need to watch…Leatherworks bags are made in the USA and they are so good they will most likely outlive your bike…NO KIDDING!!!!  and they are available at http://www.greatbikegear.com and are very reasonably priced with free shipping in the USA…

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Hey Bikers…

Finally you have an alternative…if you ride a softail, a dyna or a sportster with a fender mounted license plate and you want to use the smaller bullet LED turn signals, now you can…Great Bike Gear has developed a laid down license plate frame using the smaller single post LED bullet turn signals…it comes in gloss black or chrome and is really clean looking…I am really impressed!!!

Here is the really cool thing for those of you who have already changed over to the single post bullet turn signals…GBG offers the laid down turn signal/license plate frame that will let you use the single post turn signals you already have…how cool is that???  They have a clear lens but light up amber…They can not be used as tail lights, they are single function…some models will require a load equalizer also available at GBG…

A laid down license plate frame that lets you relocate your turn signals off the fender rail and convert to the really sleek looking single post LED bullet turn signals…Awesome!!!!

TSHDLD-01C  Chrome    TSHDLD-01B  Gloss Black

Check this new kit and many other products including Easy Brackets and Hand Shields at http://www.greatbikegear.com

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Hey Bikers,

It’s the Olde Biker here…been gone a while but the weather is changing and it’s time to think about riding again…if you haven’t heard Great Bike Gear has some new Hand Shields they are introducing…but they need your help…

Great Bike Gear (GBG) can’t seem to agree on what to call the new models so they have decided to have a contest…submit your suggestion for the name and win a set of Hand Shields…that’s right GBG is going to give two sets of Hand Shields to the lucky winners…

So jump on over and enter the contest…http://www.greatbikegear.com/index.php/news/hscontest/

You could be one of the lucky winners…and it doesn’t cost anything to enter…so what are you waiting for??

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