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Hello Harley Riders

Are you looking for a way to relocate your rear turn signals off the fender??  And maybe you want to get rid of that ugly stock license plate frame. Now you can do both with an AWESOME  Turn Signal Relocation/Laid Down License Plate Kit from Great Bike Gear.  They have a turn signal relocation kit for all years of Fatboys, Dynas and Sportsters that is frankly the coolest!!!

The frame is brilliant chrome or gloss black and uses the OEM turn signals so you won’t need to lose the cool wing standoff.  And are you ready for this?? You do not have to cut or extend the turn signal wires.  The installation is simple and they have a video you can view to guide you through the process.  And the price??  As low as $89.95 and they have one cent shipping anywhere in the US.

It just doesn’t get any better so check it out today at www.greatbikegear.com.

“Olde Biker”   

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  1. I’ve looked all over for a way to move the turn signals on my bike. These seem the best option without drilling into the fender or buying the whole license plate/signal unit(more$$$). I’d rather put the extra bucks in the gas tank.

    Comment by Likenbiken | April 18, 2011 | Reply

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